"Joyful Intuition is a juicy mix of expert perceptual and intuitive guidance that, true to its title, is full of aliveness and fun, while offering plenty of solid direction to help the reader expand into their intuitive knowing.  The practical guidance and cumulative exercises are excellent."

Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD




"Joyful Intuition takes you deep into the healing territory of intuition and also leaves you with a map so that you can return again and again. Patrick Marsolek is a powerful practitioner who shares a very precise and grounded knowledge of things which are luminous and transformational."

James O' Dea is a visionary activist and former President of The Institute of Noetic Sciences.


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About the Author:


Patrick Marsolek is an author, teacher, facilitator, and director of Inner Workings Resources.

Patrick teaches Remote Viewing, Self-hypnosis and Compassionate Communication workshops, exploring trance, writing and researching on consciousness and leading field trips to ancient sites in Montana. He also has a private hypnotherapy practice in Helena and Great Falls Montana.


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From Chapter Three:


Spontaneous Shifting States

Whenever you attend to and describe a perception or feeling you are experiencing, you are increasing your ability to shift in and out of different states of consciousness. You are building bridges in your mind and body so you can travel back and forth with ease. As I mentioned, you build a healthy flexibility in your mind and body. Being able to shift into your body and be with a feeling will help you relieve mental stress. It will also help you validate and release emotions you’re carrying. You can communicate what is alive in you this way. You are making your mind/body system more responsive and healthy. It doesn’t matter if you write, speak or gesture with your body; if you’re expressing something of your living energy it will enliven you.
    Here’s a very simple bridging exercise to try:

The next time you find yourself daydreaming, enjoy it and allow a part of yourself to observe your experience as it’s happening.
Then afterwards, write down what you remember.

The challenge is to learn to allow daydreaming to happen while being aware. It’s easy and, at the same time, not so easy. Daydreaming is one place in most people’s lives where the unconscious leads. It’s enjoyable, natural, and familiar, yet it’s truly an altered state led by the unconscious. Practicing this exercise can be a tremendous help in recognizing your intuitive information. If you try to be aware when you are daydreaming, you may first only catch yourself after you’ve returned. If so, then you can still track where you went. Can you remember when you shifted, or what stimulated the shift? With practice you will begin to sense yourself daydreaming as it’s happening. 


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