Patrick Marsolek is an author, teacher, facilitator, and director of Inner Workings Resources.

Patrick teaches Remote Viewing, Self-hypnosis and Compassionate Communication workshops, exploring trance, writing and researching on consciousness and leading field trips to ancient sites in Montana. He also has a private hypnotherapy practice in Helena and Great Falls Montana.

Through Inner Workings Resources, Patrick explores many personal fascinations which have led his professional life.  He offers presentations to different organizations and the public on self-empowerment, stress relief, relaxation, boundary setting and communication. Transformational retreats are also used to deeper explore with groups. These three- to four-day workshops have given participants an opportunity to go deeper into personal exploration, intuition, working with trance and personal transformation, rhythm and music and working with landscapes. I usually do one or two of these longer retreats every year.


Patrick also regularly offfers volunteer presentations at schools and volunteers with Hospice in Helena providing hypnotherapy services for such things as anxiety, sleep issues, pain control, emotional issues and the transition to death. He also offer my services every year to the Women Power retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch near Helena, Montana, for women with AIDS.

Patrick is also the author of Transform Yourself: a self-hypnosis manual and a series of articles on spirituality and consciousness. He has produced a series of 9 audio cds on self-hypnosis, relaxation, and visualization techniques and a series of instructional Argentine Tango videos.

You're welcome to contact Patrick directly if you have questions about presentations or other services.

Patrick Marsolek – Qualifications and Experience


2012 – Morning of Wellness presentations on stress relief and relaxation for the Women's Center at St. Patrick's hospital in Missoula.

2012 & 2011 – Facilitated the "Conscious Living Roundup" A Noetic Sciences event for healing practitioners in Helena, based on the Bohmian Dialogue process.

2011 – present – Offering Clinical Hypnotherapy in Missolua. (And still in Helena.)

2009 – 2011 – Facilitating boundaries training at the Peak Health and Fitness Center, Great Falls, MT.

2010 – Facilitation of "Sacred Wisdom in Dangerous Times" with James O'dea. Helena, MT.
2008, 2007 – Presentation at the Bridging the Gap Alternative Medicine Conference – Missoula, MT.

2008 – Support staff for the weeklong NVC Family Camp on Vashon Island.

2008 – Facilitation of The Conscious Universe, an experiential, transformative retreat with James O'Dea and Susan Burns. Portland, OR.

2007 – 2010 Facilitation of the Montana Men's Foundation retreat. Camp Mimanagish, MT

2007 – Present – Offering private Hypnotherapy Sessions at Clinic Cancer Care – Great Falls Clinic.

2006 – Facilitation of Crossing the Threshold, an experiential, transformative retreat with James O'Dea. Boulder, MT.

2006 – 2008 – Consulting/advisor to Healer Within exhibit at ExplorationWorks museum of Science and Culture, Helena, MT.

2002 – Present – Publication of a series of 10 audio CDs on self-hypnosis and relaxation.

2001 – Present – Offering presentations on self-hypnosis, stress relief and personal care to:

    * Bereavement groups with Hospice(8x)
    * Hospice staff(2x)
    * Montana chapter of social workers conferences(3x)
    * Blue Cross/Blue Shield(3x),
    * Local church groups
    * Jobs for Montana graduates
    * Montana Safe Place – for victims of domestic violence and abuse
    * Head Start
    * Woman Power – women living with AIDS(7x)
    * Clinic Cancer Care – Great Falls Clinic


2004 – Present – Volunteer Hospice of St. Peter's – hypnotherapy with Hospice patients and hypnotherapy support for bereavement support groups.

2004 to 2006 – President on the board of the Helena Life Transition Network.

2004 – 2008 – Conducting intuitive, participatory field trips to haunted sites in Central montana with Ellen Baumler.

2004 – Presentation on Remote viewing as an awareness practice at National Remote Viewing Conference.

2003 – Coordinating intuitive investigation of missing person.

2002 – 2005 – Remote Viewing Consulting for Angela Thompson Smith and the Nevada Remote Viewing Group in boulder City, NV.

2002 – 2005 – Conducting intuitive inquiry field trips to prehistoric sites in Montana.

2001 – Presentation on sensory awareness and intuition at National Remote Viewing Conference.

2000 – Present – On Board of Helena Noetics Group

1996 – Present – Writing articles on intuition, archaeology and consciousness. Currently writing a manual on sensory awareness and intuition.

1999 – Present – Member of the Intuition Network.

1999 – Present – Clinical Hypnotherapist.

1999 – Present – Director Investigative Research Field Station – Archaeology projects in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

1993 – 1998 – Research assistant, Investigative Research Field Station – Multidisciplinary research into consciousness, intuition, geology and archaeology. Specific archaeology excavation projects using intuitives in 1997 & 1998, and field work from 1995-1998.



2011 – Argentine Tango Classes Vol. 4 – Close Embrace – DVD (With Sundi West.)

2010 – Book: A Joyful Intuition: how to access your inner knowing for insight, healing and happiness.

2010 – Argentine Tango Classes Vol. 3 – DVD (With Sundi West)

2009 – Beginning Argentine Tango Classes Vol. 2 – DVD (With Sundi West.)

2008 – Beginning Argentine Tango Classes Vol. 1 – DVD (With Sundi West.)

2008 – Essays in Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy by J. Douglas Kenyon

2006 – Book: Transform Yourself: a self-hypnosis manual.

2004 – Learning Intuition and Remote Viewing as an Awareness Practice (IRVA 2004) – DVD

2001 – Developing Sensory Awareness for Facilitation of Remote Viewing. In: Remote Viewing – Psychic Spies LIVE 6 Part Series – 3 DVD Set – DVD

1996 – Present – Articles in Atlantis Rising Magazine

1999 – Present – Audio Cds for relaxation and self-hypnosis



2010 – Heartdance Workshop – Missoula, MT. – Presented by Turning Wheel

2008 – Family Constellations training with the Maitri Institute – Seattle

2008 – Bridging the Gap Integrative Medicine & Health Conference

2007 – 5 Day NonViolent Communication Retreat, Ben Lomond, CA
2006 – 5 Day Intensive training in Bohmian Dialogue and Communication with Lee Nichol

2006 – Quantum Touch training.

2005 – Attended Language of Spirit Conference – Albuquerque, NM

2005 – ACHE hypnotherapy conference – Glendale, CA.

2003 – ACHE hypnotherapy conference – Glendale, CA.

2002 – ERV medical intuitive introductory training with Julie Ryder.

2001 – Advanced Hypnotherapy training – Hypnotherapy Training Institute

2001 – ERV introductory training with Beverly Jaegers.

1999 – Hypnotherapy certification and training- Hypnotherapy Training Institute
1997-1999 – Regular CRV practice.

1997 – CRV introductory training with Angela Smith.

1993-1998 – Personal mentoring in ERV techniques with Raymond Worring, especially applied to archaeological investigation. Also training in using altered states of consciousness and trance in service to intuitive inquiry (ERV protocols). Including personal work with George McMullen, intuitive archaeologist.

1984 – Present – Daily Meditation practice and self-inquiry.