“Patrick Marsolek has written a useful hands-on book guiding the reader into practical self-awareness through a series of sensory exercises allowing one to experience directly what the text discusses. Doing what this book describes will change your perspective.”
– Stephan A. Schwartz, Author of Opening to the Infinite

“A Joyful Intuition is a must have for the beginning student of intuition.  Marsolek walks readers step by step through the varied and subtle aspects of intuitive perception, which I sometimes find difficult to communicate to new students.  I love the way Marsolek teaches readers to open up and start the flow of intuitive insight.  This hands on guide gives practice exercises and resources so readers can meet and continue to explore their own intuitive selves, a truly joyful journey.”
– Pam Coronado, Sensing Murder, Investigation Discovery

“Patrick Marsolek has written an exciting and informative book that will expand the bandwidth of consciousness into the most important of the seven different intelligences – our intuition.  There are a number of practical tools and exercises provided to help develop and strengthen one’s inner sensing.  I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is seeking more depth and meaning in their life.”
 – Lee Pulos, Ph.D., ABPP Clinical Psychologist, author of
Beyond Hypnosis and The Biology of Empowerment

“Patrick Marsolek’s extensive knowledge, integrity, thirst for truth and desire to help others uncover their own inner truth, shines through each and every page of this wonderfully insightful book.”
––Nancy Marie, author of the
I Create What I Believe! Self-Awareness Art Program and Passage of Change

“Here is a book that is both scholarly and practical. To me, this is the perfect balance of knowledge and wisdom. I highly recommend this book to both beginners and professionals in the field of intuition.”
– Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
Dean of Transformational Psychology
University of Philosophical Research

“In A Joyful Intuition, Patrick Marsolek has created an intuitive experience more than a book. He guides us gently and thoroughly into a deeper way of sensing life, of applying our attention to what’s at hand, then finding what’s inside that. He never talks down to us but makes each intuitive task fresh, simple, and full of childlike wonder. If you read this book while being fully in the present moment, you’ll be transported into a true communion-with-reality that reveals a tremendous amount of hidden information, guidance, and pleasure.”
– Penney Peirce, author of
Frequency, The Intuitive Way, and The Present Moment

“A Joyful Intuition is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to cultivate intuitive abilities. In lucid language, the author offers valuable information, wisdom and a large number of practical exercises to help the readers tune into intuition and lead a joyful intuitive life. This book is a companion that you can consult continuously to evolve your intuitive resources.”
– Prabhath P, Creator of Integral Gaia Yoga and
Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution E-magazine.

“You don’t just read A Joyful Intuition, you interact with it.  The exercises throughout the book develop ones instinctual inner wisdom.  The exercises help someone like me, who gets caught up in everyday life, remember to reconnect with intuition — joyously weaving it into the flow of life. The book is informative for the novice as well as the experienced intuitive.  Marsolek reminds the reader to be still and listen to the 
messages the body is sending.  Reading the book was like participating in a course or conference without having to attend one.
– Gail Hayssen, Intuitive, Remote Viewer, Reiki Master