Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Doorways

Chapter 2 - Beginning Sensing; Shifting Focus; Imagining Space; Body Focus; Describing

Chapter 3 - Spontaneous Shifting States; Fascination; Personal Validation; Experiences at the Edge

Chapter 4 - Imagining and Perceiving; Direct Perception

Chapter 5 - Softening the Conscious Mind; Spatial Body Focus; Baseline; Beliefs.; Sensory Awareness

Chapter 6 - Sense an Object; Drawing; Drawing an Object

Chapter 7 - Layers of Consciousness; Trance; Trance and Sensing; Visual Focus

Chapter 8 - Further Opening to the Unconscious; Breathing Focus; Intuitive Perception; Feedback

Chapter 9 - Body and Ideomotor Signals; Pendulum; Basic Questions; Sticky Fingers; Using Your Ideomotor

Chapter 10 - Envision an Object; Intention and Perception

Chapter 11 - Clear Intent ; Allowing; Intuition - Target; Target Feedback; More on Feedback; Intuitive Process

Chapter 12 - Unconscious Messaging; Reaching Out With Intuition

Chapter 13 - Description Releases; Personal Needs; Future  Sensing; Redefining Noise

Chapter 14 - Fascination; Charged Emotions; Unknown Others and Language

Chapter 15 - Drawing Senses; Precognitive Newspaper; Peak Experiences; Living the Process

Chapter 16 - Beliefs and Fears; Integrating the Body;  Envisioning in the Body

Chapter 17 - Suggestion; Personal Suggestions

Chapter 18 - Levity and Affirmation; Intuitive Target; Entangled Thinking; Spirit Connections

Chapter 19 - Body Focus as Exploration; Enjoying the Present Moment; Sound Perception

Chapter 20 - State Markers; Psychometry; Playing with Objects; Money Energy; Asking Questions

Chapter 21 - Expanding Visualization; Immersed Experience

Chapter 22 - Intention and Body; Unconscious Intentions

Chapter 23 - Breathing into the Body; Body Touch; Refining Senses

Chapter 24 - Conscious Description; Timed Sensing; Dreambody Peripherals; Peripheral Practice; Deeper Body Focus

Chapter 25 - Deeper Questions; The Flow of the Space

Chapter 26 - Natural Consciousness; Falling in Love; Personal Intuition Questions; Expanding to Groups

Chapter 27 - Living Intuition

Appendix A - Targets for Intuitive Practice

Appendix B - Websites

Appendix C - Glossary

Appendix D - Bibliography